“The world we live in is exquisite in its diversity of human culture, ecosystems, and geography. It is filled with wonders beyond imagination, both in the human world and the natural world. Traveling in different cultures and exploring the natural world helps us understand other people better, builds bridges of respect and peace, and encourages us to be responsible stewards of the planet. And as we come to learn more about the world, so we can also come to know ourselves better.

I love teaching about foreign cultures, and I love helping people discover the outdoors. This website is a way to share some of my past and current explorations with a wider audience – explorations of ideas through the mind, and of the human and natural worlds through the eye. I welcome your feedback and dialogue as we all continue to extend our own learning and growth. And I hope that some of you will be inspired to either start or continue your own adventuring, and in turn share it with others.”